There are over 40 km of hiking trails in the Municipality of Blato. Those trails differ by their difficulty, some are suitable for more experienced and fitter hikers while others offer just a relaxed walk by the sea, in and out the small coves and through the pine forest. Those that are more difficult have steep sections and sometimes lead through the tricky terrain that has to be walked with care. Their attractiveness lies in the untouched nature, rich island flora and many beautiful views on the landscape and breathtaking Korčula archipelago.

karbuni zvirinovik2
There are six marked hiking trails:
1. LUNGO MARE Karbuni - Gršćica - Giča - Blato 9 km
2. BELVEDERE Prižba - sv.Marko - Prišćapac 4,5 km
3. HISTORY TRAIL Najstarija maslina – Kopila – Črnja luka – Česvinice 10 km
4. DESTINY PORT Prigradica – Hrastovice (kružno) 5,4 km
5. ISLAND LOOKOUT Mala Kapja – Kom 1,7 km
6. BLESSED M. PETKOVIĆ Blato - Prižba - Blato 5,3 km


Wear good hiking shoes and take water or soft drinks (especially during the summer) when taking the more difficult trails.
Do not ruin the stone walls on you way and follow the map and the marks.

You can also take the marked trails of other towns and municipalities on the island as they are connected to the ones of Blato.