Blato has over 140 km of marked and mapped bicycle trails. That maps are available in the Tourist Office, tourist agencies and your own accommodation.

More then 140 km of bicycle trails and the beautiful landscapes will satisfy even the most passionate cyclists. Bicycle trails are part of the island’s offer for a long time and many visitors come to enjoy them.

According to them, it is hard to say what path is more beautiful and more attractive. But they all agree that the experience of riding the bike on the island of Korčula is unique and memorable.

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There are six marked bicycle trails:
Blato - Prigradica - Blato 14,5 km
2. EQUATOR Blato - Mala Kapja - Babina - Blato 30 km
3. SOURCE OF LIFE Blato - Črnja Luka - Vela Luka - Blatsko Polje - Blato 24,5 km
4. OLIVE TRAIL Blato - Karbuni - Potirna - Blatsko Polje - Blato 20,5 km
5. TUSCANY Blato - Donji Lov - Brna - Prižba - Blato 25 km
6. BELVEDERE Blato - Prižba - Karbuni - Blato 25,6 km

You can also take the marked trails of other towns and municipalities on the island as they are connected to the ones of Blato.